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The village name is derived from Tudy,  a 6th Century Breton monk and active missionary who was strongly associated with the founding of monasteries and churches in Brittany.

St Tudy has a long and distinguished history.  Nestling close to Bodmin Moor in North Cornwall between the rivers Camel and Allen, this picturesque village has grown around the original Celtic circular raised churchyard - "God's Acre". 

The centre of the village contains the beautiful Grade One listed Parish Church of St Tudy.  The present church dating from Norman times was built on the site of the earliest church of the 6th century; it was extensively rebuilt in the 15th century and repaired during the 19th century.  

Set into the stone hedge face of the churchyard are steps, gates and "The Clink".  Initially The Clink was the church ale house, then became the local constable's lock-up, later a Dame School and today is a much used meeting place for villagers.

A classic example of radial-pattern settlement, the combination of lanes, pathways, old buildings, walls, trees and hedges create a sense of intimacy within the immediate vicinity of the church.  The village also  contains a Methodist Chapel, primary school, pub, original forge, village hall and thriving post office and stores. 

The farmland and woodland surrounding St Tudy has many small country houses including Tremeer, Lamellen, Wetherham, and Tinten - the latter reputedly the birthplace of Captain Bligh of Bounty fame.

Most important of all are the people of St Tudy who pull together in a way that has created a special community.


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St Tudy Church Records Database

The church records for Burials, Baptisms and Marriages from 1559 to 2000 have been put on to a database.  A copy of this database is available on a CD, enabling you to carry out your own search of the records in both date order and alphabetical order, and this can be purchased for 10  (which includes a 9 donation to Church funds) plus p&p.

Contact  Sue Dibble  at Cavalier Cottage.


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